Women are the Power eReaders

chart-of-the-day-women-gadgets-aug-2011I found this very interesting article today … entitled:  “Who Loves E-Readers? Your Mom?” The link is now paid content (Aug/15) but the gist of it was that more women over 55 are using ereaders than men or any other age group of women.This fascinated me and I couldn’t resist reading it. I also have some knowledge of the subject because I am one of those female power readers. It seems that, “A new study from Nielsen finds that 61 percent of e-reader owners are now female, compared to 46 percent in the third quarter of 2010. And, the company says, 30 percent of e-reader owners are over the age of 55.”

Ever since I purchased my first ereader, I have found myself recommending them to women at shows where we sell our own books. Three years ago (or was it four!) I was eager to get our books onto Amazon’s Kindle ebook format. Soon after, I discovered Smashwords which allowed us to cover all the ebook formats. This put us ahead of many of the self-published authors in joining the new technology. By Christmas 2012, Robert and I had 3 ebook readers between us plus my smartphone. I have not been without reading material again and it was wonderful to find time to read again, even if in small snatches.

When I recommend ereaders, it is usually because they don’t want to buy our print books because they have too many books in their homes and are downsizing or have vision issues. When I explained the benefits of reading ebooks, they were usually amazed. By the end of 2012, many more women had their own ereader or was hoping to receive one that Christmas. I’m thrilled that many of those readers are now purchasing our ebooks and, yes, many of them are older women. If our own ebooks can continue to be available after we retire from markets and craft shows, Robert and I are all for it!

When writing and publishing your own books, keep these stats in mind. If you slant your content to women of this age group this could assist your sales greatly.

‘Till next time.

Joyce Sandilands