Whitlands Publishing

Whitlands Publishing Ltd. is an Indie book publishing company situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The company was formed in December 1998 by my husband, J. Robert Whittle, and myself as the avenue by which I (Joyce) could publish a novel he had written. That single book soon became two, then two series as fans pushed Robert to keep writing. Within two years, Robert became a bestselling author and, by 2008, two more best sellers had been added (Lizzie: Lethal Innocence (audio download on website), Bound by Loyalty and Loyalty’s Reward) … PLUS together, we won two Independent Publisher Gold Medals (IPPYs) for excellence in writing and publishing:  Loyalty’s Haven (2007) and Whispers Across Time (2008).

In 2000, I wrote and published the first of two children’s chapter books in the Moonbeam Series. I followed each with a matching audio book (in 2015 we added these as downloads from this website). They have been so popular with young readers we have reprinted these books many times. They have also popular with been utilized by ESL Classes. In 2008, Robert had a stroke and his writing temporarily ended. In 2007 I had fortunately become his co-author. By 2012, he was able to write again and Silent Destiny (Scotland 2014) joined the other singles, Whispers Across Time (Time-travel 2007), Race for a Treasure (action/intrique 2008), Yesterdays (Short Stories 2010) .

Note: All our books are on eBooks  … our audio book CDs have sold out but all are now available for download on our website.

In 2015, Joyce retired from Sidney Market and in 2016, Robert retired from Bastion Square Market. The years have caught up to us but we will try do some day-markets from time to time and possibly a few Christmas Shows. Check our Events Page.


To contact us for any reason, please use the contact page on this website or phone us in Victoria BC Canada: 250-477-0192.
(Note: We do NOT accept manuscripts or publish for others).

Thank you.
Joyce Sandilands, President and CEO
Whitlands Publishing Ltd 

Updated April 2017