SSL Compliant

Yah, we’re SSL Compliant … there is so much more to having a website these days, especially on the subject of security. If it chased you away for awhile, I certainly don’t blame you. I hope you are watching and come back to see us real soon. 

It’s been Google’s fault that we all had to spend more money on our websites. I don’t actually handle money for our book sales so didn’t understand at first why I needed to do this. Paypal does that for me, but according to Google I still needed to pay $5.95 US/mo (that’s almost $10 Can. to bring it up to their standards … or they would warn everyone not to buy from our website. Then, another company wanted $25.95 US for some more security. That was when I put my foot down. Cash grab or not, it was secure after the first step and this website will not give customers a warning anymore.

I am currently adding a new theme and some new products and the website will be shiny and new by the end of September 2018). We hope you’ll come back many times to check us out. I have lots of new products planned and not just books that I write.  Thanks in advance for your support.