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Victoria Chronicles Reviews

Victoria Chronicles Series

“Have a cup of coffee at the Balmoral Hotel and meet the locals … a tale of cunning and intrigue in Edwardian Victoria; this delightful blend of fact and fiction will lead you on a fascinating tour of early 1900s Victoria, BC.”
~C.J. Pallister, City of Victoria Archives

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Professional Reviews:
“Loyalty’s Haven is even more riveting than the first two installments … followers of the lifelong romance between Dan and Nancy will love Loyalty’s Haven. Once again, Whittle has written a magnificent and compelling epic within the historical backdrop of post-World War I Victoria, BC and the US Pacific Northwest. This volume will delight even the most discriminating of readers.”  ~Review by Dana Blozis,

“The Victoria Chronicles are three of my favourite books. You can’t put them down … absolutely fantastic.” ~M.H. Library Tech., Winnipeg, MB

“These books were like a step back in time for me. I am very familiar with the buildings so this book brings them alive. I was ‘with’ the characters as they made their way around my town.” ~Helen Edwards, Hallmark Society, Victoria, BC

“Mr Whittle’s unique style is spot on … I loved this series and he captured the essence of the Spanish Flu Epidemic so well. I really learned a lot from a time in history that has never been written about. I highly look forward to reading more of his books.” ~Adrianna F., Library Tech. Nanaimo

A small selection of reviews: (no longer separated into Book 1, Book 2 etc.).
It should be noted that Book 3 came out several years after Book 2 and many still do not realize a third was published!

“How cool is that! I absolutely enjoyed reading the Victoria Chronicles and found the history amazing. Really informative as well for someone like me who hasn’t lived here all their life! Thanks again Robert!”  ~Wendy Gingras

“I am so captivated by this book … look forward to more.” ~D. McCoy, Portland, OR

“Most touching book I have ever read … can’t wait till the next book comes out.” ~KK

“With much sadness, I recently finished reading the VICTORIA CHRONICLES…so satisfying…so refreshing…so historically fascinating and in a setting so familiar. I did not want the books to end. I would now like to purchase your Lizzie Series.” ~George Steves, Nanaimo, BC

I loved this series and have read each one at least twice!”  ~Judy Wolfe

“I accidentally came across Robert in a little market in Victoria while I was vacationing there several years ago and I bought my first 2 books of the Victoria Chronicles… I immediately fell under the spell of these books and their characters and I could hardly wait for book 3 to come out, which I pre-ordered online. This is a spectacular series, both a great love story and a lot of interesting historical information.” ~Linda McCormack, Aug. 2011

“Linda, I had the same experience. I’ve never read a book more than once until Robert and Joyce’s books. Love these books and the authors.” ~Wendy Dyer, Aug. 2011

“Loved the book, the best I’ve read in a long time.” ~Rose, Vancouver, WA

“I felt as if I were in the story. Lovely reading. Thank you.” ~J. Garwood

“I loved your book. It was a refreshing story like no other. I felt a strong bond with the characters and as I visited Victoria I saw some of the places mentioned in your book. I just can’t wait for your next book!!” ~Emily M. Architectural Engineer

“Great to find something so clean and enjoyable. God bless you both.” ~J.P.

“Wonderful books. Absolutely wonderful! Waiting for more!” ~C. Radersma

“Both of these (books) were very interesting reading and an accurate account of the city as it was in 1900. Great reading.” ~P. Chevalier, Edmonton, AB

“I’ve read the complete Victoria Series at least twice and the other books of Robert’s at least once. I loved them so much that I’ve bought them for others. I would share these books with others for the sheer enjoyment of reading that it brings. These books have a quality that is rare to find, the reading makes you feel that you are part of the story. These books have value not just in the monetary sense but in the knowledge and the storytelling that all can enjoy, even children as young as ten.” ~Tim Doyle

“I am just finishing the first book in the Victoria Series and felt I would like to tell you what an incredible book it has been. I have had a difficult time getting to bed at a decent hour as I keep saying “just one more chapter!” Congratulations on your wonderful books. I have never written an author before, but I felt this was a must.” ~Wendy Buchanan, Saanich, BC.

“A wonderful and charming way to discover the history of Victoria.” ~D. Plaxton

“One of the best books I have ever read in my life! It simply touched my heart, and … [like Nancy] I love to sing.” ~Claire, 14 years, Seattle, WA

“You certainly have captured the essence of life during the turn of the century in this most interesting tale. I have ‘googled’ so many of the characters who have passed through Nancy’s life once I realized that many of them were real-life individuals. The stunt plane crashing into the city was my first clue. You certainly have made Victoria history come alive to me! My eyes will certainly be more open to the history around us as we walk the streets of the city during our next visit when I will be wanting to purchase the rest of the series.” ~Kathy Driver, Campbell River

“In the beginning it was as if I was an outsider looking in on the situations that were slowly developing. However, soon I actually felt as if I had become a part of Nancy Wilson’s extreme life! I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the book and would like to congratulate you on a phenomenal piece of work. I can hardly wait to read book two!” ~S. Meshen, 14 years, Alberta

“Having worked on numerous heritage buildings in the area, I enjoyed the “being there” when Victoria became a great city. Now I am looking forward to Book 2.” ~Jim Blohm, Architectural Engineer

“How wonderful to read such a “nice” book. Floridians love the way you write.” ~M. Melody, St. Augustine, Florida

“I really enjoyed …great use of the history of our fair city with a really good story and great characters.” ~E. Robertson

“What a delightful story.. I can’t wait to read the next book…I was born in Victoria and have lived here all my life.. it is a wonderful trip down memory lane.” ~Cindy

Recommended by many Air Canada Flight Crews . . .
who visited our area and purchased our first Victoria book from Robert or their taxi driver, Don. Many returned to find Robert at the market and purchase other books. This photo was sent to us by Capt. Pierre Garneau when he piloted their inaugural flight to Paris.
“Love your books, Robert, and so miss seeing you in the mornings at Timmy’s or in Bastion Square.” ~Pierre Garneau, Retired

“This book was excellent from beginning to end. Looking forward to next one.” ~S. Watson

“An incredible book.” ~S. Griffiths

“A terrific book – a nice story plus history!” ~T. Hopewell, IL

“Bound by Loyalty is an incredible book. You feel as though you know the characters every move. The best part is that there’s more in Loyalty’s Reward. I am enjoying the latter so much. Keep up the good work. Incredible research!” ~Debbie

“A wonderful read and can’t wait for what is to follow.” ~F. McKenzie

“This book made the history of Victoria come alive. School children will really enjoy it as well.” ~T. O’Grady

“These two books are really original.” ~Kristy

“Really, really enjoyed them. Very entertaining & educational. Thank you.” ~P. Stafford

“I am a big fan of both Joyce and Robert and eagerly await all new books and, as usual, they deliver in spades. Loyalty’s Haven will not disappoint Dan and Nancy fans. Although it’s the last of this series, it leaves you with good feelings and hope for their future. I can hardly wait to read whatever comes next.” ~Wendy, Kincardine, Ontario

“With much sadness I recently finished reading the VICTORIA CHRONICLES…so satisfying…so refreshing…so historically fascinating and in a setting so familiar. I did not want the books to end. I would now like to purchase your Lizzie Series.” ~George Steves, Nanaimo, BC

“As a native Victorian, I have truly enjoyed Robert’s books — it is such a treat to read about an area that you are so familiar with. Keep up the great work.” ~Elizabeth Taylor, Aug. 2011

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