‘Leprechaun Magic’ gets a new cover

2011-03 LM_new coverI decided in my wisdom to update the Leprechaun Magic cover for the next printing. We have sold a couple thousand copies and I felt it needed a new more modern look, especially as I considered my crude moonbeam just that rather crude! So, the new print run arrived early this summer just in time for the main onslaught? of tourists.

Simone Padur, our wonderfully talented illustrator on Book 2, ‘3 On A Moonbeam’ came to our rescue once again and has produced a cute and colourful new Paddy sliding down the moonbeam and arriving on our Earth-child’s windowsill. We love it … thanks Simone!

It’s actually been on our market stands for three months and causing a lot of interest including …

Have to read right now

… this cute little 3-year-old fan whose identity shall remain anonymous. She and her grandmother, one of our biggest fans, visited me most weeks out in Sidney at the street market. One day in August, this cute-as-a-button granddaughter, decided to make herself comfortable!! Yes, she’s lying on the street ‘reading’ aloud and carefully turning the pages. Then she goes and gets another book, even the novels; her Grandma says she has favourites among them, too!

I can’t wait until she gets older and can review and tell all her friends about our books! Grandma took this photo and has allowed us to use it. Thanks Grandma!!