I love WordPress!

What a great invention!  Anyone in business knows that an impressive website is a must these days and I have been working on webpages for over 20 years (from the beginning of the internet). Finally our 2 websites are once again getting organized and I couldn’t be happier. They have certainly evolved since my first Netscape page so many years ago!

Today I’m also using the WordPress widgets from iThemes (and I’m learning Builder as well) which makes it a lot faster as they do so much of the setup for you. iThemes is a great help considering I am getting so slow at this. I hope you enjoy your visit … stop by often or subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up with my additional tips for authors and self-publishers.

Take a look at our main website … if you’ve visited before, it is now so much easier to find things and use the shopping cart. I have so much more I want to add, including photos and a video, I wonder how long it will take me to figure it all out (including finding the time)!!

Thanks for visiting.