Family Novels by J. Robert Whittle

If this is the first time you’ve discovered our numerous (10) novels, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear that they are amazingly read by all ages. Now, you might say that is a rather unique idea … novels that can be read by old and young alike, when did that last happen? Well, there once were the classics which are making a comeback due to ebooks. I think our series will be classics one day, especially our Lizzie Series of 4 books set in old England.

A few years ago the idea caught on again and someone came up with the unique slogan “family-friendly” books and movies.  We were ahead of our time we found, but we quickly realized are books were definitely suitable for all ages and that became a huge part of our success beginning in 1998. To date, we have 3 Canadian Bestsellers and 2 Gold-Medal IPPY winners plus thousands of copies/per book in paper sales.

Our novels keep almost everyone entranced save for a few people who require blood to be running in the street and children being killed or molested to make a story interesting. Parents, teachers, homeschoolers, etc. are extremely happy with our stories and they refer to them as ‘refreshingly different.’

My husband has a remarkable imagination but he doesn’t swear so why should he add it to his books? (My first husband only cursed when he watched TV hockey, but it is not one of Robert’s interests, thank goodness!). He comes from a family of 10 kids and he was the oldest guy. So, for the record, Robert also hates hearing news of terrible things happening to kids, hence he doesn’t write in that style either.

You just have to experience one of his books yourself to see how great they are (that’s what our fans say in their reviews – see our reviews for each book) … and they are now available as ebooks, so no excuse not to be able to find them or afford them anymore!!