Google, RSS, SEO, Keywords …

Thanks to everyone for your support, nice comments and suggestions, I know some of the (suggestions) posts can be classed as spam and I deleted them but not before copying so I can remember them while not inflicting them on the rest of you 🙂  Google Adwords, I don’t think I’m going to touch (been there, done that – too time consuming & potentially costly etc). Now don’t everyone write to me about how easy it is please …; RSS – one day soon; SEO (see below); and Keywords (I’m trying, but selling fiction books is such a competitive subject). Keywords are almost a lost cause in that area but I am working on other strategies … brain works very slow on this sort of info tho so suggestion could be useful!!

I seem to have been forgetting that my focus here is to sell books, so if you haven’t discovered our fabulous novels, which are amazingly read by all ages, it’s time that you did. Our books became popular because of word-of-mouth beginning in Dec. 1998 and people come to Victoria, BC to meet my husband because their neighbour loved our books or they were coming to Victoria and their aunt said to look for him in Bastion Square. Yup, it happens all the time. Go to the tabs at the top of the page and discover Robert’s books … and they are ebooks, too! Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Barnes & Noble, iPad, and Smashwords (the latter has all formats). My next post will give more info on the style my husband, J. Robert Whittle, uses and which I follow in my editing and writing because it has been so successful … and because he won’t let me do anything else!! Hey, I thought I was the boss 🙂

Ok, that was the plug, now briefly back to what I’m doing on this blog … I discovered Builder Child Themes last night and as I had already purchased it last week, I am eager to get a new page up using this great new tool. It makes the page look classier and has a lot more, and very cool, options.

I also see that SEO can now be automated. I think I will definitely do that but not for awhile … one thing at a time. My gosh things have changed so much over the past few years (when I was too busy to even consider implementing all the new online programs). One has to be very careful how they spend their money here … I thought I was heading for retirement but now not so sure!! Back to work!