No Book Signing Events have been
planned as yet for 2018.

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my best friend, partner, and husband, Robert, on August 17, 2017… then, Joyce (his wife) was intending to attend three 2017 Christmas Shows until she fell and broke her hip in late October and for many months was not able to sit at the computer for very long.

As of June 2018, Joyce (yes, I’m back) is beginning to work again but I have much to catch up on, including a total revamping of this website. I will also make an announcement of my plans for the next few years (health allowing-I have become only too aware that my age and recent surgeries and broken bones are telling me I am an old lady (in 70s) and must slow down and take care of myself!) Check out our Facebook Page for more info on anything.

Since early Spring, I have had a huge sale going on as I have taken all our books out of storage and I am donating some of our excess stock to high schools and care homes.

See homepage and our store for more details on the SALE of Lizzie Series and Victoria Chronicles Trilogy. (NOTE: The latter is only for the Hardcover copies).  I am happy to fill your orders through this website. You may use the “Pick up Option” to save shipping by picking up at my home in Central Saanich. Simply order and pay on this website’s STORE and when I receive your order, I will phone you. So please make sure your phone number, name and email are on the order. If you wish to contact me, please use my cell: 250-857-0840 where you can also text me or voicemail.

Thanks for your patience.

Joyce Sandilands-Whittle