Download our Audio Books

We’re happy to announce that we recently added 3 of the audio books we used to sell as CDs to their ‘book’ pages on this website. You can now purchase and download each of them directly and burn them to a CD. The books are the “Moonbeam Series (chapter books) and also “Laughing Through Life: Tales of a Yorkshireman,” Robert’s very popular autobiographical presentation (Bio).

In case you are not familiar with these products, Joyce narrates the Moonbeam Series and Robert narrates his “Tales.” In this age of automation, we had some bad luck getting this product out through two different website stores who didn’t pay us and disappeared, so we are trying again. Leaving out the middle man this time, we hope this news reaches the right people. Please tell your family/friends and spread the word for us as you have been so good at doing in the past! Thanks 🙂