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The Stories:

An eclectic mix of stories from Robert’s first 15 years of writing (1994-2009). As per many requests, you’ll discover a few autobiographical stories from his childhood and learn a bit about Robert’s beginnings as a 24-year-old English (coal) mining engineer in his new and very dangerous  job which actually killed him while working in Italy. His stories are sensitive and display true human interest situations. Several stories use themes borrowed from two of his popular historical novels, even utilizing a few of the same characters.

There are a few with more current subjects ie., multi-culturalism and social issues. Two combine history with fantasy (ghost/time travel) and lastly, you’ll meet the author’s first western hero. Yes, he loves John Wayne movies.  These stories are all told with Robert’s ever-present humour and sensitivity … something for everyone … and as usual, suitable for all ages. Yesterdays will have you turning the pages whether you’re laughing or crying!!

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the 16 stories chosen for this volume:

Motivated by Fear – The touching story of three young Jewish boys attempting to escape from Berlin after their parents are arrested during WW2. Walking and hitching rides on trains, service vehicles etc., they hide by day and travel  by night in bitter winter conditions trying desperately not to get caught as they follow their father’s rough map to the Dutch Coast.
A Chance Meeting – A wounded soldier, disembarking from a troop ship on Canada’s west coast during WW1, meets a woman with a young child. They are desperately searching for her husband who is MIA (missing in action). Features characters from the Victoria Chronicles Trilogy.
Two Janion Ring Stories – Tales of  old Victoria, BC are told by the ghost of the old Janion Hotel on Victoria’s Inner Harbour.
A Change of Attitude – Some children finally discover the value of having a lonely old woman as a neighbour.
Confused Identity – A policeman is stunned to find that a street person is not quite what he appears to be.
A Debt to Pay – A western novel … scroll down for more details and the link to read an excerpt. This story is available as a separate ebook download.

Readers returned to thank Robert (at Bastion Square Market): Such interesting comments!

* Remember when I purchased Yesterdays how I said I disliked westerns? Well, just ignore me, I loved it!!

* You should give lessons on how to write a good story! You packed so much info into this tale I had to go back and check how many pages it was … and found it was only 2! You’re some writer Mr. Whittle!” said an older man who bought the book at Bastion Square and returned to tell the author (2014).

I finished the book and you owe me a pack of tissues. It made me cry and laugh. Really enjoyed the Janion stories and Robert’s start in the mining business was very amusing. Loved the western. I think Robert’s grocery list would be a best seller!  ~Wendy Dyer, Ontario

Great book! Janion stories would make a wonderful series … and the western … loved it!  Enjoyed every word!  ~Carol D., Victoria BC

Robert, you could sell a block of ice to an Eskimo!!!  ~Helen Shupe

Ebook only (as a single novel):  all formats
the Print version is included in Yesterdays.
General Audiences;  52,150 words

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Story:  Young Gilly Thompson feels he will not be able to live his life until he takes revenge on the men who massacred his parents and siblings. The horror lingered in his boyhood memory even after being rescued by a kindly mountain man but he’s now of an age to seek his own justice and nothing will hold him back.

It could be said that Whittle was weaned on westerns at five, already wanting to read his father’s favourite library books. So it is not surprising that even before the western novel made a comeback, Whittle has once again given us a wonderful character in the handsome and sensitive Gilly,  a young cowboy on a mission that opens his heart in unexpected new ways. With his wife, Joyce Sandilands as co-author, the authors have spun an engrossing and totally entertaining tale straight out of the wild west, complete with their usual slightly quirky storyline suitable for all ages. This short novel was included in ‘Yesterdays’ their book of short stories published in 2010.