Whispers Across Time

Whispers Across Time

* Set in the Pacific Northwest (Victoria, Seattle, Everett)
* Brimming with historical characters and facts.
* Visit the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries

* Won 2nd Gold Medal IPPY Award (2008)


*Whispers is another great family-friendly novel from Canada’s popular, bestselling author J. Robert Whittle and for the first time, he’s assisted by his wife, Joyce Sandilands.

* After writing his first single title, Whittle explained that he strayed from his normal genre because … “I wanted to have some fun with my writing and write for myself for a change!” Well Robert, from the comments of fans and reviewers, you’ve actually succeeded in much more than that!

Knowing nothing about time travel, he writes a highly entertaining fantasy about a man (Oliver) who becomes a mortal angel when visiting a cemetery. Oliver discovers he is able to travel through the centuries often called upon to do good deeds (being an angel), meeting historical figures (ghosts) and other interesting characters, including a lovely young woman from the 21st century! Talk about complications to a lonely, mundane life!


ISBN:  97809685061-9-6; Trade Paperback: 299 pages; $19.95 CAD

Whispers Across Time


eBooks: all formats; 99,350 words; General Audiences

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The Story:

What amazing things would be possible if you suddenly discover you are now a mortal angel who can time travel? You are about to find out as Oliver Ryan, a Seattle journalist in 1916 is whisked into an unknown world of adventure, historical experiences and a cross-century romance. Set in the Pacific Northwest.  Read an Excerpt 

 Whittle and Sandilands have put a bit of everything into this book…
mystery, angels, ‘real’ ghosts, time-travel, romance and history. What more could you want!




Radio Interview with authors (once on this link, go down to March 3, 2008 and the interview entitled ‘A Book Called Whispers Across Time.’ Click on ‘Canadian Authors Whittle & Sandilands’.

Midwest Book Review …”J. Robert Whittle, bestselling author, is back once more with his eighth novel alongside his wife, support, and co-author Joyce Sandilands. Whispers Across Time follows Oliver Ryan, a reporter who strangely finds himself thrown through time – the past, future, present, anywhere in this excellently written time-travel tale, with a good deal of romance stirred in for good measure just to throw Ryan’s life further out of whack. ‘Whispers Across Time’ is highly recommended for community library romance shelves with a possible side interest to sci-fi and historical fiction readers.”

Dana Neuts, VirtuallyYourz.com“Whispers Across Time is an engaging way to escape the pressures of daily life. Readers will enjoy Whittle and Sandilands’ uncomplicated writing style, as well as the intricate details that make their writing special. Although an unlikely adventure, this family-friendly novel offers a wonderful change of pace that will charm and delight readers of all ages.”

Deborah Wright, Precision Proofreading … “As a professional proofreader/editor, it is not often that I look forward to my work as much as proofreading the next books by J. Robert Whittle and his wife, Joyce Sandilands. This latest one, covering various years, in both Victoria, BC and Everett/Seattle, Washington State, did not disappoint me … it was not only highly enjoyable but a delight – an excellent read. I thoroughly recommend this book to readers of any age.”

I love it! It’s become my favourite of all their books!  ~Carol F., Victoria, BC

I thoroughly enjoyed … made myself slowly read this book to enjoy everything.  ~Lana F., Mill Bay, BC

A wonderful, thought-provoking, and unique story with heartwarming characters and a familiar setting to many of Mr. Whittle’s readers. Whispers Across Time was very hard to put down and such fun reading! These days, it is surprising to find an author who can write with such authenticity, ‘old world’ charm and good manners, enabling the reader to truly experience the past. Mr. Whittle and his wife bring a freshness to their books that is hard to find (and I read hundreds of books each year). Whispers has been a pleasure from beginning to end.  ~Lynne St. Clair, Victoria, BC

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back and forth in time? Wonder no more. Take a journey with Oliver and some old and new friends thanks to the writings of J. Robert Whittle and his wife, Joyce, in their marvelous new novel, Whispers Across Time. See if you can answer the question “what would I do” if given the life altering choices facing Oliver and Mary? I’m still thinking on that one!  ~Wendy Dyer, Kindardine, ON

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Whispers Across Time. It’s nice to let yourself become totally engrossed in a bit of fantasy once in a while. No gross murders, intrigue or insane plots – just a great story that one can relax with. I found that I could totally picture what Victoria looked like back in 1916. Congrats for another well written book.  ~Carrol D., Victoria, BC.

I know you may get a lot of messages like this, but please listen. I met you, Mr. Whittle, last year on vacation in Victoria where you were selling your novels. I couldn’t help but notice the cover of “Whispers Across Time,” so I asked my dad to take me back so we could take a look. We ended up having a long conversation and buying the book. I swear, it is my favourite book now. When I finished reading, I was so sad it had ended. All I wanted was for the story to continue, for me to be able to keep reading their adventures. So I read the book again. And again. And again. I am actually reading for probably the fourth or fifth time right now. All I would like to ask is that you make a sequel to the book. Please, I don’t want to beg, but I loved this story so much I am trying to get everyone I know to read it. Please write a sequel! I myself would buy it and probably buy a copy for everyone I know as well! You have such a talent for writing. I can’t even imagine the adventures you could send Mr. Oliver Ryan and Mrs. Mary Ryan on! I swear, I would read a sequel to “Whispers Across Time” a million times! A good chance I’m your biggest fan, ~Francisca R.

Your best book ever! Proving once again you’re a master storyteller.