Victoria Chronicles Trilogy

Victoria Chronicles Trilogy

Author, J Robert Whittle’s historical family adventure/romance saga has weathered the test of time since its release in 2001. Set in the early 20th century Pacific Northwest, these books remain a favourite with international history buffs and fascinated locals … with ebooks in all formats.


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Vic-Series-0This series was published in both Hardcover and Paperback between 2001 – 2006 and became three extraordinary successes in Victoria’s publishing community. The trilogy ended with Loyalty’s Haven, Robert and his wife, Joyce’s first Independent Publisher Gold Medal win in 2007. Their next novel, Whispers Across Time followed suit a year later, giving official legitimacy to Whittle’s books and happily swelling sales at Robert’s Bastion Square Market stand (2001-2016) and Christmas Shows.

Robert’s novels are different than most books and are read by readers of all ages. You see, Robert is really just an old-fashioned guy and his fans appreciate his ‘refreshingly different’ style. 

His family audience went even more international when Joyce added ebooks to their repertoire some years ago. Whittle also did something that no other writer of novels set in Victoria had ever done … he filled his pages with real history, many real characters and so much reality that his fans whole-heartedly approved by making his first and second novels in this series his second and third bestselling novels. The Chronicles became a trilogy because Whittle’s fans were relentless in demanding a third book.  By the time Loyalty’s Haven was published in 2006, the name J. Robert Whittle had become a name spoken in countless homes across North America and word-of-mouth brought more and more visitors and sales until the economic downturn forced everyone to tighten their belts. Their latest novel, Silent Destiny was set in modern Scotland, with a very clever twist on the William Wallace story but what more could you expect from one of Robert’s books!

Robert turned 84 in 2017 and he and Joyce are no longer selling their books at local markets, but if you are a Victoria BC TEACHER, please contact them about free books they will be offering in the 2017/18 school year in cooperation firstly with Victoria School Boards.  After downsizing their residence in 2015, they now need to reduce excess stock … namely, Lizzie SeriesYesterdays and Victoria Chronicles (hardcovers – wonderful for school libraries) . All other books are now printed in short runs so they are not available through this arrangement. 


Bound by Loyalty - Book 1 Victoria Chronicles

Bound by Loyalty – Book 1    Buy Silent Destiny     Bound by Loyalty, POD   $19.95 CAD
Whittle’s 2nd Bestselling Novel

Nancy and Danny meet as homeless youngsters in an orphanage in 1900 Victoria, BC and they become the close siblings neither of them ever had. Dan must leave the orphanage at 14 and he gets a job on one of the last whaling ships the year the whaling industry collapses on the Pacific Coast due to a lack of whales. Young Nancy finds work in the kitchen of a hotel working her way up to waitress as she eagerly seeks independence from her restrictive and unhappy life at the orphanage. A surprise meeting brings the two back together and their special friendship continues and blossoms. As prohibition begins in the USA, a wealthy Seattle shipping magnate draws Dan into the dangerous but lucrative rum running trade … and the world anxiously awaits news of the beginning of WWI in Europe.   Read an Excerpt     Audio Excerpt

Note: When you visit Victoria, BC, you’ll find that most of the buildings/businesses Mr. Whittle has used are still able to be found, giving you a remarkable sense of history. Many tourists return after reading these books and rent cars and/or boats to successfully find the locations/buildings as a test of Robert’s accuracy. They come back to tell him he was ‘spot on,’ even down to the bumps in the road and the weather!      _________________________________________________________________________

Loyalty's Reward - Book 2 Victoria ChroniclesLoyalty’s Reward – Book 2    Buy Silent Destiny     Loyalty's Reward, POD      $21.95 CAD
Whittle’s 3rd Bestselling Novel

Nancy and Dan’s future is abruptly changed with the beginning of WW1 putting their plans to become involved with Gus Jorgensen in his rum running scheme on hold. Nancy, however, is not one to sit idly by and, with their adopted dad’s help, she takes over their boating business, even during prohibition. The Jorgensens again take their friend’s future in hand, steering Nancy down an unexpected path that takes her to the stage of the James Moore Theatre in  Seattle.   Read an Excerpt


Loyalty's Haven - Book 3 Victoria ChroniclesLoyalty’s Haven – Book 3      Buy Silent Destiny     Loyalty's Haven, POD      $19.95 CAD
First Gold IPPY Award

New challenges await as Nancy continues her charity work in aid of Canadian wounded soldiers, widows, and orphans. In 1918, as the war appears to be coming to an end, renewed hope that the end of the war will bring prosperity and a new beginning, are dashed as tragedy strikes in the form of the Spanish Influenza Epidemic. This book dispels any thoughts that the Pacific Northwest and its people were not affected by what became known as the 1918 Influenza Pandemic … and then, news of a special event finally brightens life in the Brown household.   Read an Excerpt

This novel was the recipient of a Gold Independent Publisher (IPPY) Award for Best Novel in the Canada West Category for 2007. This award was duplicated in 2008 for Robert and Joyce’s first official collaboration, the novel, Whispers Across Time.



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