Race for a Treasure

Race for a Treasure

A modern-day International romp filled with adventure and historical intrigue!


FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS of their 2nd Gold Medal winning novel, Whispers Across Time, Robert and Joyce again joined forces to use their love of history and genealogy to weave a fascinating and exciting adventure/mystery of a lost 18th century Spanish treasure ship. They have been told that this story is more factual than they realized.

ISBN: 978-0-9809834-0-1;  Paperback: 337 pages;  $19.95 CAD

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eBooks: all formats;  129,650 words,  Age: 12 to Adult

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The Story:

Molly Coolridge, a retired Englishwoman, receives a diary that tells how her husband’s ancestor was the captain of the British ship that sunk a Spanish treasure ship off Canada’s West Coast in 1811. He also gave specifics of the treasure on board. Could the diary be true? Had anyone found the treasure yet? All questions Molly and her son ask themselves as they begin an archival hunt in England and Spain to find some answers. Amy, a history teacher from Victoria, BC, comes into their lives as do many other interesting characters. Their search takes them to Continental Europe and finally to Barkley Sound in the Ucluelet area of Vancouver Island, Canada where they hope to find the ship … and perhaps some remaining treasure!

With international and historical flavour, utilizing some well-known facts concerning the Spanish and their recent claims to discovered treasure, the authors weave an entertaining tale of modern treachery, romance and mystery as two conniving factions battle it out to reach the treasure ship first. Diverse  characters and a thought-provoking story will see to it that you eagerly keep turning the pages. The plot thickens in Spain and Portugal then the scene changes to Canada. Here, the infamous ‘Graveyard of the Pacific,’ in the area of Ucluelet and Tofino on the west coast, is said to be the location of thousands of shipwrecks (including the one they are seeking).

Having revived his early style of a plot riddled with drama and intrigue, as in the 4-book Lizzie Series, Whittle’s writing has once again received rave reviews delighting both new readers and loyal fans (teen to adult). Race for a Treasure is a particular favourite with male readers.   Read an Excerpt


“Highly entertaining and well-written.”
“The authors have outdone themselves with this wild adventure!”
“At last, a suitable adventure for teen boys and fathers to share.”



Just finished. You both just keep getting better and better(like good wine) Could not put it down and sure did not want it to end. How long till the next one?? (Posted by Carole F. on Facebook Dec 28/08)

While in Victoria recently, I happened upon you in your booth. We discussed your writings and I had asked about eBooks. I decided to purchase “Race for a Treasure”. At the time you said that I would thoroughly enjoy it. I must tell you that I am! Although I’m not quite finished with it, I could not help but stop and write this. Thanks for a very entertaining read. Well done!  ~Pat V., Waterloo, Iowa, USA

All the books are great! Race for a Treasure especially!  ~Maureen A., Nelson, BC

Have read Race for a Treasure, Whispers Across Time, and just finishing up the Victoria Chronicles (Vol. 1-3). Have enjoyed them immensely; the stories mixed with historical character names and real places, especially local references, make for interesting, easy reading. Haven’t read this much since I was a young teen. Keep up the good work Robert and Joyce and good luck.  ~Robert M., Churchill, MB


Verbal comments from readers and fans at the Markets:

… loved, loved, loved your book, desperate for another!

They’re so great to pick up after a tough day and so easy to pick up the story again.