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Silent Destiny – Reviews



Silent Destiny

“This is the first book I have read by these authors and, due to my interest in Scottish history, I am excited to write a review of it. Silent Destiny is the thrilling story of a Canadian woman thrust into a web of mystery when she inherits an estate in Scotland. She discovers that her past is linked to a 700 year-old prophecy from one of the darkest periods in Scottish history, and she begins a quest that will lead her on an unexpected and mysterious journey surrounding the missing Royal Regalia of William “Braveheart” Wallace. This is the 11th novel by the team of J. Robert Whittle and his wife, Joyce Sandilands and the story kept me fascinated from beginning to end.” ~ Marc via

“I very much want to tell you how much I enjoyed another book. Job well done.” ~ S. de Bree, Victoria, BC

“I have read all these authors books. They are wonderful writers. This book takes you back in time and you become part of the story. They have a flare of holding your interest with all their twists and turns. Much research must have been done on this book. I have read every one of their books and Robert introduced me to reading by the way he writes.” ~ Beverly on

“A very enjoyable read. Love the history” ~ Heather Campbell via

“Took the book to Cuba with me, finished it and gave it to someone from Ontario!” ~ Pat Mahon via facebook

“I was given your book Silent Destiny for Christmas by my son and his wife who must have gotten it directly from you as there is a ‘ author’s signing’ on the title page to me. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the book. What a lot of research you must have done. Keep up the good work. ~ E. Bell

Andy Stewart of Victoria, BC sent us two emails:

“Silent Destiny is available from APPLE via iBooks, which is where I purchased my copy …. loving every minute.” 

“…As a small note in passing, I purchased and sent Silent Destiny as a digital gift to very good friends, a Scottish couple who have lived in Victoria for the last 26 or so years. They are loving it, not only for the story, which is excellent, but because of the Scottish locations, with which they are familiar. And having Emma start out in Victoria, their adopted home, and UVIC, which is just around the corner from their house, is just the icing on the cake.”