Leprechaun Magic-Excerpt

Leprechaun Magic

Book One – Moonbeam Series

Excerpt – Chapter 1:
Jake, the blue and green parrot, was very excited. He flew around and around over Fairyland School. His friend Paddy, the leprechaun was in that school. He was writing his math test today.

Yesterday, Jake had offered to help Paddy pass his math test.

“No thanks,” said Paddy. “I don’t want to cheat. If I used your magic, the Fairy Queen will get mad. I would never become a Moonbeam Rider.”

Paddy and Jake live in Fairyland. Almost everything in Fairyland is magical. Jake is already a Moonbeam Rider. However, he has never been for a ride on a moonbeam! He is hoping that Paddy will help him.

Paddy is his very best friend in the whole world. However, their friendship was often put to the test.

Leprechauns are happy little people. They love to play tricks on everyone. Jake often got mad at Paddy for playing his tricks.

One time he hung a sign on old Mister Snail’s garden gate that said:

Do Not Open

Poor Mister Snail didn’t have any visitors for days.

Another time, he put a bell in a tree knowing the fairies would be tempted to ring it.

When they did, the Fairyland Firefly Brigade poured water over everyone. They thought the bell meant there was a fire!

The fairies didn’t like that little trick at all. They hate getting their wings wet!

Today, Paddy is sitting at his desk. He is trying to concentrate. You see, Paddy has to pass this math test but it is so hard for him to behave.

I think I’ll tickle Alex with a feather, he thought. He took his feather out of his bag. He reached toward Alex who sat beside him.

Then he heard someone inside his head speaking to him.

Don’t be a dummy! This is your last test!

He stops just in time.

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