Moonbeam Series – Chapter Books

Moonbeam Series

A whimsical collaboration by Joyce Sandilands and J. Robert Whittle
Fun and educational Chapter Books for 4-9 year olds

Fairy Stories about leprechauns, fairies and everything magical …
* Recommended by California’s ESL Teachers



$14.95  Set of Two Books


 Leprechaun Magic, Book 1*


by J. Robert Whittle and Joyce Sandilands
Illustrations by Ane M. Galego
(2011 New cover by Simone Padur)

Includes a FREE Bookmark and a Fairy Button

Paperback | 63 pages | ISBN13: 9780968506127 |


Audio Book download narrated by Joyce Sandilands | $9.95

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eBook: All Formats | 7,000 words | Read Level: Gr. 2-3

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Paddy the Leprechaun
The Story:
Paddy is a leprechaun who lives in Fairyland. He wants to become a Moonbeam Rider. He’s told that Moonbeam Riders have a lot of fun travelling down moonbeams to help Earth children solve their problems. The Fairy Queen tells Paddy that first he must improve his math marks and stop using his magic for mischief. Paddy thinks this is way too much trouble. What will he do?    Read an Excerpt


Reinforce life’s lessons to your favourite little person:
* How to get along with others
* How to gain confidence
* How to have fun doing homework
* The importance of friends and friendships
* And many other valuable lessons.



 3 On A Moonbeam, Book 2


by Joyce Sandilands
Illustrations by Simone Padur
Includes a FREE Bookmark

Paperback | CD | 78 pages | ISBN13: 9780973438314 | 


Audio Book download narrated by Joyce Sandilands | $9.95

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 eBooks: All formats | 11,750 words | Read Level: Gr. 2-3
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The Story:
Paddy decides to help his friend, Jake the parrot, become a Moonbeam Rider but an accident threatens to end his moonbeam riding. Shayla and her dog, Rev, live in Yellowknife, Canada and, when the riders visit, a stowaway fairy is discovered and they find they have a new problem to deal with … how to get the stowaway back home to Fairyland.  Read an Excerpt
* Continues with more life lessons for your favourite youngster.


I thoroughly enjoyed your story! It is an absolutely charming tale of learning to believe in ourselves. Every kid who has ever tried to ride a bike can certainly relate to Shayla. ~Val Falconer, author of Sunny’s Grand Adventure