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Reviews of the bestselling

Lizzie Series (Tetralogy)

(from readers of all ages)

  These comments are taken from emails, letters and written messages sent or given to the author. New comments are added as time permits. The general consensus is that each book gets better than the last and although requested to continue the series, the author has now moved to other projects which are not series.



Ray Hossay from Alberta, Canada sent us two emails one year:

“My wife, who seldom reads, did not put the books down until she had completed them both (Lizzie 1 & 2) during our trip home (we’d purchased them in Victoria during a visit). Following my read I placed them on a shelf and forgot about them. Saturday, our 11-year-old granddaughter found them. I wish you had heard her excitement very late last night when she phoned to thank me for loaning her the Lizzie book. It was such a wonderful feeling after all my failed efforts over the years to get her to read great books. THANK YOU!!!

“Our youngest granddaughter attends Karate classes … recently the Sen Sai lectured the children on respect for people. He stated, “No matter how people are dressed, or what insignia they wear, or how much money they appear to have, or how poor they are, it is what they know and how they treat others that earns them the respect of the community.” I believe that is also the intended strong points of the Lizzie character in your books. Bet you never thought that you and a martial arts instructor were advocating the same values!”

… more reviews from adult readers:

“I bought the two Lizzie books from you last Friday. A little gift for myself that was supposed to last the whole summer. Well … I was amazed that I could not put the books down! I have just finished reading the 4th Lizzie book and was wondering…are you doing a 5th? The last chapter of the book left me wanting more.”  ~Jeannie

“My husband, who is not a reader, really loved the Lizzie series & pestered me to find out when the next (4th) book would be out. He’ll be happy to have it now.”   ~Mary and Greg, MI

“Lizzie is delightful … great stories. I love the dialect … and it is so interesting to read, both from the story standpoint and the colorfulness of the language. Also enjoying relationships of characters.”  ~Diana Fleming, Pittsburg, PA

“Robert and Joyce, you’ve changed my life with your wonderfully written books. They are cherished and true treasures. I am so proud to have them in my collection. Fabulous! Please keep up the great work.”  ~P. Millington, Niagara Falls

“I fell in love with Lizzie, as cute as any teenager and twice as smart. Her tale, told in the easy, economical style of a Robert Louis Stevenson, makes you young and adventurous again. Escape from the 21st Century, read eagerly of her adventures and your life will be illuminated, energised and uplifted.  ~Dr. James Cumes, former Australian Ambassador

“..bought Lizzie from you … just love it and cannot put it down! I look forward to purchasing more of your books. They are fantastic!”  ~GD, Winnipeg, MB

“My mom loves the ‘Lizzie Series’ and I have now started reading the series myself. What a great story!”  ~Laura Hesse author.

“My mother, a senior, read your first Lizzie book and loved it, now she would like the second one. Thanks for contributing to my mom’s enjoyment.”  ~Penny Y.

“Your stories of Lizzie and her enterprising yet compassionate ways have been an inspiration (to me).” She wrote again after reading Secret Angels: “I often go through my weeks’ challenges wondering ‘what would Lizzie Short do?’ Thank you for your great storytelling and history lessons.”  ~E. Mast, Toronto, ON

“I was enthralled with her courage, fortitude and shear gutsy stamina. Wonderful and inspiring. I’ve bought a set for my granddaughter because I want her to know Lizzie also. I love your positive talent. Keep writing.”  ~Joy

‘Lizzie has the innate ability to assess the positive attributes of her companions … combines her own business ingenuity and together they planned intriguing adventures that enriched their lives. An excellent read!’  ~Kari Moore, Victoria, BC

“The best stories today — don’t grow up without reading Lizzie!”   ~LW., Portland, OR

‘Lizzie … takes you on quite an adventure … Mr. Whittle brings the setting of old London to life in a heartwarming story.’   ~TP., Victoria, BC

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the mind and actions of an agile young mind…kept me on edge… fantastic read.’  ~Jack Law, Victoria, BC

“… hidden gem … Lizzie is a fun, memorable and enchanting character.”  ~Gustav BenJava, author

“Whittle’s novel of old London has the fire power of a Dickens. In the plucky, lethal innocence of young Lizzie, a veritable little princess, he invokes the impish merriment of an Oscar Wilde.”  ~Prof. RJ Sandilands, Strathclyde Univ., Scotland

“An extremely enjoyable read. The plot moves along at a good pace with cunning and good intentions interwoven to depict an era of simpler values to that of the confused 20th C.”  ~Terence J. Williams, Architect, Victoria, BC

“Lizzie is a wonderful read … characters are carefully drawn to be very much alive and hold the reader’s attention. The story is fast paced and enjoyable. The reader is charmed by Lizzie and her friends.”  ~Eva Kende, Author

“We need more Lizzie’s and Quon’s in this world.”  ~J.A.
“Glad to see the next book, thoroughly enjoyed the first one. It is truly a multi-generational book – my 14 yr.old and Grannie both enjoyed it!”  ~J.T.
“A tremendously enjoyable read.”  ~C. Spittal
“Lizzie was an unforgettable character. She had lots of spunk & drive.”  ~Nancy
“Fascinating read. Keep ’em coming.”  ~Sheila
“Lovely story! Hardly wait to read more & more & more …”  ~Ursula
“Like Pipi Longstocking for adults … thoroughly enjoyed.”  ~A.C.
“Lizzie was the most intriguing, rich book I’ve ever read.”  ~K.B.
“This Dickens fan couldn’t put ‘Lizzie’ away.”  ~E. Alex
“Enjoyed Lizzie – keep it up! We need good kids books.”  ~P. Fraser

… reviews from young readers:

This teenage fan visited us at a show near Vancouver, BC in 2003. She wrote, “I started reading the first Lizzie when I was 12 and couldn’t stop, now I can’t wait for book four! This series should beat Harry Potter (Lizzie is much more interesting.). Thanks for writing such good books.”

“… loved Lizzie. It was really wonderful. I enjoyed the accents and especially Quon Lee. He was hilarious! I loved it!” ~Nadine, 11 years

“… loved all three Lizzies and thoroughly enjoyed them. Lizzie has a nack for business that one could wish they had and a family so loving. Lizzie has given me the encouragement of going and doing things that are needed. She has brought great inspiration to me.”  ~CG

‘… really liked this story and read it over Christmas holidays. I could easily picture the characters … liked beginning of story talking about these poor people and their problems … loved Quon’s way of talking.’  ~Trinity, 9 years

“At my young age I don’t really like ‘old books’ but this book is something else, I love it!”  ~Tara, 14 years

“I felt like I was Lizzie going on these adventures. Very well written.”  ~Stephanie, 12 years

“Excellent novel … well developed characters … intriguing plot. I think people of all ages would enjoy it.”  ~Sarah, 14 years

“… really great books .. Lizzie is a wonderful girl … can’t wait to read the 3rd!”  ~Jaclyn, 13 years.

“Couldn’t put books down … characters were unbelievable (especially Quon!) and I am really looking forward to the 3rd book. Keep writing!”  ~Ali, 14 years

“… very good books. I couldn’t put them down, thanks.”  ~Megan, 13 years
“A great book (1st Lizzie). Once you start to read it you can’t stop.”  ~Tarra, 10 years
“A wonderful book. Thank you for writing it.”  ~Christina, 11 years
“Lizzie is a blast! Our whole family loved it.”  ~Andrew, 14 years
“I like the words and accents.”  ~Isabel, 10 years
“Terrific books, never read anything like them.”  ~Emily, 12 years
“Loved the first two books and want more.”  ~Matt, 15 years
“Your books are great. They’re my favourite books ever!”  ~Kayla, 9 years

… still more reviews from adult readers:

“Lizzie does steal your heart. Delightful, refreshing novels.”  ~A. Ponsford
“A most enchanting little girl, very resourceful and kind.”  ~M. Urguhart
“Pace kept me engrossed wondering what Lizzie was up to next … great story for youngsters, too…enjoyed so much I have re-read the books several times and recommend to my friends!’  ~Dorothy Carlson, Retired, Victoria. BC
‘I was quickly hooked … good mix of characters … definitely recommend it to anyone.”  ~Vance S., Victoria, BC
“A good book without sex or violence.”  ~Lee R., Victoria, BC
“A real actimer’. It’s headlong action and remarkable, heartfelt characters make it hard to put down.’  ~Dave Y., Victoria, BC
“It fairly rips along! A most attractive cover.’  ~R.S., Glasgow, Scotland
‘Great book, really enjoyed tale as it unfolded…Quon and Lizzie made a terrific pair.’  ~Gus McTavish, Retired School Prinicpal, Victoria, BC
‘You won’t want to put it down once you start … very entertaining and well written.’  ~J. Newman, Nanaimo, BC
‘Enjoyed it greatly.’   ~Mrs. L. Sandilands, Berkshire, England
‘Very impressed and enjoying Lizzie – both the character & the book.’  ~FF., Victoria, BC

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