Lizzie Series

Lizzie Series

Entertaining  … exciting  … touching.  Recommended!
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 ‘Our whole family loves Lizzie!’ proclaim fans.
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In this delightfully entertaining four-book series, Whittle brings us an old-fashioned coming-of-age story set in the early 19th century England during the Napoleonic Wars. Robert describes the street smart and spunky Lizzie as “a girl who didn’t have a father to educate her to the fact that in those days girls weren’t supposed to think!”



Lizzie: Lethal Innocence – Book 1      Whittle’s 1st Bestselling Novel 

It’s 1802 and Lizzie Short is a street-smart, spunky, 9-year-old street waif in Eastend London, England during the Napoleonic Wars. Her friends, after being deported for stealing food, leave a heartbroken Lizzie to discover that life as she knew it has ended. Seeing an old man injured on the street, she helps him and so begins her new life giving back to dockland as a young entrepreneur. Based loosely on the author’s own life and experiences as an entrepreneur since the age of 6!

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Lizzie’s Secret Angels – Book 2       

Lizzie’s youthful ‘spies’ discover a distressing secret well-hidden by local authorities. It’s the end of 1805 and Lizzie and Quon Lee find their busy lives taking a disturbing, yet exciting, new direction … especially when a new Scottish character is introduced. Meanwhile, they find some innovative ways to utilize the Napoleonic Wars to increase their income.

Excerpt  Bound by Loyalty, POD     $CAD



Streets of HopeStreets of Hope – Book 3          

Lizzie, now 16,  is amassing a growing empire but her reputation and good deeds have come to the attention of evil competitors, leading to some potentially disastrous events. A journey to the farm in Hertfordshire makes Lizzie realize that her journey to adulthood was never meant to be easy. She and Quon also discover an unexpected adversary.

Excerpt  Bound by Loyalty, POD     $CAD



Lizzie's LegacyLizzie’s Legacy – Book 4        

Lizzie’s discovery of a British traitor leads to an unfortunate incident. She also finds her influence has become a nuisance to the powerful men who control Dockland Council leading she and Quon straight into harm’s way. Following her 18th birthday, Lizzie makes a life-changing decision to take on the greatest challenge of her young life.

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Lizzie Lethal Innocence (originally sold as a CD Set for $50) 

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Enjoy Robert’s wonderful voice & accent forever with you via audio, as he narrates with all the dialects. 

Each sequel is even better than the one before,” say readers.

This series is complete, but for Robert’s fans who have asked for more …
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An avid (adult) reader of several thousand books says: “I place them in the top 50 of the most entertaining books that I have read — Robert is a master storyteller.”  ~ Don McKenzie, Canada

“I have enjoyed reading all your books … and I can definitely understand why you have both received such well deserved awards.  Personally, my favorite series was “Lizzie.”  Thank you so much for such great entertainment.”  ~ Your fan, Lana Fortin

“I just loved your first Lizzie book … even more amazing, my husband (a non-reader) loved it too and we’ve now ordered the whole series!”  ~ Mary Gibbs, Author, USA

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