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13 Novels, 13 eBooks and 4 CDs from this Award-Winning
Husband and Wife Team

Bestselling (3), Award Winning (2), feel-good books for All Readers
Published by our company, Whitlands Publishing since 1998

Silent Destiny
An inheritance takes Professor Emma Walters to Scotland where she learns of a 700 year mystery and a prophesy that indicates she’s the one to solve it. Littered with humour, suspense, intrigue and adventure, Whittle’s last novel will have you glued to your seat until the end! Also available as eBooks from Kindle and Smashwordsmore

Victoria Chronicles Trilogy
Comprised of 2 bestselling novels and Whittle’s first IPPY Gold Medal winning novel, this series has been a favourite of both locals and visitors to Victoria BC and the Pacific Northwest due to it’s appealing saga content and accurate historical facts. Available as eBooks from Kindle and Smashwords. more
I think Robert’s grocery list would be a best seller!~Wendy Dyer, ON.
Lizzie Series
Lizzie Series Whittle’s first bestselling novel, Lizzie: Lethal Innocence, begins a richly entertaining, old-fashioned coming-of-age story in four volumes set in early 19th century England. This series tells the story of Lizzie, a young street waif, who turns her life around and becomes a highly adventuresome and well respected entrepreneur. First book is available as an audio and all books are eBooks at Kindle, Smashwordsmore
Whispers Across TimeWhispers Across Time Co-authored with his wife, Joyce Sandilands, this stand-alone Independent Publisher (IPPY) Gold Medal winning novel tells the story of Oliver Ryan, a Seattle court reporter, who discovers he possesses the powers of a mortal angel and can also time-travel. The stage is now set for an adventurous romp through the Pacific Northwest and several centuries, complete with a cross-century romance. Recommended by Midwest Reviews. Available as eBook from Kindle and Smashwords.    more

Race for a Treasure Molly Coolridge receives a diary that tells of an 1810 Spanish treasure ship sunk by her late husband’s ancestor off Canada’s West Coast in 1811. True or not? Has anyone found the ship and the treasure? These questions lead Molly and her son on an exciting romp through England, Spain and Portugal before traveling to Canada with the Spanish Government in hot pursuit. Available as eBook from Kindle and Smashwordsmore
YesterdaysA fascinating mix of short, medium and long stories from Whittle’s writing over the past 15 years. There’s mystery, historical, autobiographical, adventure, fantasy (time travel & ghosts), and an intriguing western. Available as eBook from Kindle and Smashwords. The longest story, A Debt to Pay is also available as a separate eBook. more
Moonbeam Series (Books &/or CD) Using a short story by her husband, Joyce Sandilands developed a delightful duo of fairy stories for the early reader. Paddy, a Fairyland leprechaun wants to become a Moonbeam Rider and slide down moonbeams into children’s dreams to help them solve their problems. Paddy will learn some little lessons about growing up. Recommended by teachers and ESL classes. Available as eBooks from Kindle and Smashwords.  more
Laughing Through Life (CD) – Tales of a Yorkshireman A poignant and often hilarious collection of vignettes from Whittle’s own amazing life and travels as he lives and works in England, Australia, Singapore and Canada. You’ll love the author’s easy-to-listen-to accent (people often hang around his market stand and just listen to him).

If I ever give up my books (all signed though!) they will go to our library.
I do have two duplicates, but will not give them up either!
~Maureen Attridge