Book Covers

There are many ways to find great images for book covers and I have used several methods for our 12 novels:

Victoria Chronicles - Bk One

watercolour cover image


1. An actual human artist (Victoria Chronicles – 3 covers); and Lizzie Series – last 3 covers of series);  painted by Barbara Porter to my specs via email.

2. An online photo supplier ie., or other such photographic supplier  where you purchase for a small price a license to use a photo for a certain number of copies (covers, articles etc.). You have to read the rules & reg.  I paid less than $100 to use this great image of a Spanish ship for 10,000 copies. I would be very happy to pay this amount again when we sell 10,000 paper/ebook copies of Race For a Treasure!


photograph by author


3. When all else fails and you can get the photo you need, take it yourself, as I did for Whispers Across Time (Fiction). It’s not always that easy, as this photo proves … I took during the daytime during the early writing stage then realized the cemetery scenes all took place at night. Photoshop to the rescue!


public domain image


4. Our first cover, Lizzie, was a Renoir painting in public domain. Our graphic designer (for lettering etc on cover) found this on a website and the original image had been somewhat changed (colour etc).




I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your next cover.