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Lizzie: Lethal Innocence was the first book I published for Robert and that book, due to popular demand, soon became a series of four, the Lizzie SeriesLizzie became his favourite character, naturally so because even though he says the book wrote itself, Lizzie was based on his own character and some of his own experiences as a young entrepreneur during WW2 and later, in England. By 1970, he had worked all over the world, lived in Australia for awhile, and finally ended up here in Victoria, BC where he and Joyce met, joining forces in 1985.

In 1994, he contracted a deadly staph infection during a leg surgery, but he had fought serious injuries before. So when Joyce suggested he write his memoirs during recovery, he considered her suggestion but instead, found himself discovering a fondness for fiction which he had not read since a boy! Four years later and a survivor once again, he was back home and now on his 3rd novel! They learned about craft markets and so their 20-year-long book careers with writing and indie-publishing began. Lizzie became a household name with neighbours far and wide telling each other about this author who sold his books on a Victoria street! Seems we were one of the first to do this in North America! Within 10 years, they had 10 books and a host of other products and were market veterans. Robert passed away in August 2017 at the age of 84 after a long fight with old injuries and lung problems from the coalmines. Although he wrote about history, many of his friends and readers were quite unaware of his own fascinating story which Joyce hopes to write. She gives us a taste on his Biography.

Joyce is grateful to be able to honour her husband’s memory and the twenty years they worked so hard and had so much fun producing these books and audio products for our readers and fans. Having a lot of time to think while recovering from a  fractured hip in October 2017, Joyce realized she must continue with the books for at least a few more years to complete their dream. She wants to share these books around, continuing to make people smile and to follow Robert’s work ethic. She knows ‘you can’t have a business without selling something’ and the money would be very useful to her as she faces retirement.

So the books are still available and Joyce has some new and different products planned if you can be patient for awhile longer.Their journey has been difficult for many years, due to her husband’s health issues – kept relatively hidden due to his tenaciousness. Robert looked after her as long as he could and gave her the strength to continue. He’s taken his talent with him but the books remain as his gift to the world.

Joyce now needs your support more than ever. All the warehouse books are now in her garage and she has drastically reduced the price of Robert’s two popular series (details below) for the general public. An added benefit she says, “All our books are now tax free!” At 73 years, and after some most unwelcome health issues, she knows she must retire soon. She seems to be accident prone and lugging books and market equipment around is not the best choice of businesses for her.

Joyce wants to make sure these books will be available a bit longer, especially for readers who want to fill out their collections or discovered his books too late. In the meantime, Joyce has also put into motion plans for donating copies of both these series (the titles on sale) to local schools and Care Homes.

The photo above (of boxes) should be self-explanatory! We haven’t purchased books in such bulk for many years (always in Canada) because Craig Shemilt at Island Blueprint came to our rescue on hearing of Robert’s health problems. They offered to print more manageable runs of the rest of our books, in smaller boxes, as we needed them, and we were so very grateful.

Robert’s second female character was Nancy Wilson in the Victoria Chronicles Trilogy, who came to Victoria BC as a 4-year-old in 1900. When the popularity of Book One caused many requests for Hardcover copies, we ordered them, but too many! The Victoria Chronicles  HARDCOVER TRILOGY is now selling at cost for a meager $10/Book (originally $93/3), half the price of the Paperback copies

These Hardcovers are apparently an excellent gift for any local reader, history buff, or new Victoria resident. We’ve talked to many new residents who were gifted a copy and loved finding out how much of the story was factual history about their new hometown.

Today, Joyce has slashed the price of their two Series books to BELOW HALF PRICE!! Originally selling for $78 … go to Our Store in the Tab above or from several of our Facebook Pages by selecting the blue ‘Shop Now‘ link. You’ll find the 4-Book LIZZIE SERIES is now only $35 and the Victoria Chronicles Trilogy (Hardcovers) is $30. Yesterdays: A Collection of Short Stories is only $10.

Questions? Feel free to message Joyce on Messenger or Facebook

Local Orders (Updated Jan/18): Order at our Store on this website and pick up in Central Saanich. Phone if you have a problem with the website … online orders are greatly preferred as they take less time for Joyce to organize.  Please leave a voicemail (so we don’t play endless phone tag) or text me 250-857-0840 … or messenger etc.  If you are a visitor to Victoria BC, contact Joyce who can usually arrange delivery to your hotel. Receiving 2-3 days warning works even better 🙂

Shaw TV’s Rajie Kabli speaks with the authors in 2014,
months before ‘Silent Destiny,’ Robert’s last novel was published.
If you miss
him at the Market, take a listen and enjoy his laugh
as he
now roams the garden paths in Heaven.
Robert passed away in August 2017. He was forever young at 84 years.

One of Robert’s favourite reader stories … told to him at the market by a woman’s daughter when they moved her mom into a Care Home. “Mother told us not to buy her any more books. She said she had all the books she would ever need for the rest of her life … Robert’s “Victoria Chronicles Trilogy.”  She must have read them 30 times and she was still reading before she passed on at 95 years! Her 93-year-old sister quickly took them over, leaving me to wait even longer for my turn!”

Joyce would like to express her gratitude to the countless thousands who have purchased, read or simply encouraged us to continue writing and publishing books over the past 20 years. You are why we continued on well into our senior years. Thanks also to the many Canadian, US and other media services in print, TV, and on the internet, who have continued to feature news items about us and our popular books over the past 2 decades during this labour of love. You have all been instrumental in keeping us motivated by spreading the word about our books.