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Whitlands Publishing Ltd. is an Indie book publishing company situated in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The company was formed in December 1998 by my husband, J. Robert Whittle, and myself as the avenue by which I (Joyce) would publish a book. That single book soon became two, then two series as fans pushed him to keep writing. Within two years, Robert became a bestselling author and, by 2008, two more had added to that distinction (Lizzie: Lethal Innocence, Bound by Loyalty and Loyalty’s Reward) … PLUS together, we won two Independent Publisher Gold Medals (IPPYs) for excellence in writing and publishing:  Loyalty’s Haven (2007) and Whispers Across Time (2008).

I became an author in my own right in 2000 by publishing the first of two children’s chapter books in the Moonbeam Series. I followed each with a matching audio book (download off this website) and they have been so popular with young readers we have reprinted these books many times. They have also been utilized by ESL Classes, one in particular in San Francisco. In 2007, I officially became the co-author of Robert’s single novels and we have four of these titles, Whispers Across Time (2007), Race for a Treasure (2008), Yesterdays (2010) and Silent Destiny (2014).

By 2011 with 10 novels, two children’s books and 4 audio books: Moonbeam Series (2), Lizzie Series (6 CDs) and Laughing Through Life (Robert’s Bio on CD), I needed a rest! (These CDs are sold out but all are now available on their pages for Download. Despite now being seniors with health challenges, we decided to continue because Robert’s fans loved our books and he loved selling at Bastion Square Market. He, however, had suffered a serious TIA in 2005 which initially did not seem an issue. Then in 2008, he realized writing had become difficult. Thankfully, he managed to finish Race for a Treasure but we knew something was definitely wrong! Memory loss now reared it’s ugly head to further complicate matters. We decided that I would publish a book of his short stories (Yesterdays) and hope things improved. Fortunately, he was still able to continue as before at the market. Then suddenly, a couple years later, his ability to write returned and he secretly began writing Silent Destiny. When he surprised me by telling me it was finished, I put it on my computer and got busy. I was the one with the Scottish Roots and this book became my own personal challenge as Robert had surprised me by including some of my own history. It was published for Christmas 2014.  It has become another of our popular books.

To the question, “Why hasn’t a large publisher picked up your books?” Joyce had this to say in 2014. “We’ve been so busy keeping up to the demands of our fans by producing a novel (and two kids’ books and audio) yearly, reprinting earlier novels, setting up ebooks, marketing and just tending to life and business … we simply didn’t had time to pursue it. We had initially hoped a publisher would have found us but now we realize that what we have done no doubt was the best thing possible in our situation. Over the years, we have spoken with a number of movie producers but were told that ‘historicals’ were very expensive to produce and they turned us down.

Being realistic, we know that our books are different and perhaps due to the ‘no sex or gratuitous violence’ a publisher would want us to rewrite! We are proud to have upheld our high family-friendly standards, however, and it has worked out immensely well for us for 18 years (by 2016). We were once told that most Canadian books published in Canada, whether Indie or otherwise … usually only sell about 300 books. Our accomplishments are enormous in comparison. 

Saying that, we would be most grateful if a publisher, agent or a movie producer were to decide we would be worth the gamble … after all, family friendly content is now exceedingly popular! I guess we were ahead of our time.

To contact us for any reason, please use the contact page on this website or phone us in Victoria BC Canada: 250-477-0192.
(Note: We do NOT accept manuscripts or publish for others).

Thank you.
Joyce Sandilands, President and CEO
Whitlands Publishing Ltd 

Updated 2017