Teachers … have you discovered our family friendly novels?

Our books may already be sitting on your library shelves. If not, here is what you need to know …

Teachers from many countries visit Victoria, BC and meet author, J. Robert Whittle, at the Bastion Square Market and buy some of his books … hundreds over the last 18 years. Some even return to tell Robert how much their class enjoyed reading his books, still others actually bring their classes to Victoria. They meet Mr. Whittle and spend their time in the city visiting the historical locations talked about in his historical novels set in Victoria and the Pacific Northwest (down the Puget Sound to Seattle too).  These books are:  Victoria Chronicles Trilogy, Whispers Across Time and Yesterdays.

Why are these books so great for kids?

  • bestselling and award-winning novels
  • educational
  • family friendly
  • they’re all eBooks
  • on AR Lists

The following list starts with our books for little kids going to oldest reader … our books are also read by adults.

Moonbeam SeriesMoonbeam Series – two fairy stories set in Fairyland, a fantasy set in a land among the stars where fairies and leprechauns become moonbeam riders so they can help Earth children solve their problems. There are many old-fashioned lessons about respecting elders, appreciating your friends, having confidence in yourself, etc. Fun and non-scary read-aloud books for G1-3 with G2/3 vocabulary.




Lizzie SeriesLizzie Series – set in early 19th century England with the main characters of Lizzie and Quon Lee (both about 10 years-of-age to begin with) during the Napoleonic Wars and Industrial Revolution with the Age of Steam and printing press playing major roles as the series continues. Lizzie and Quon progress from juveniles (ages 8-12 in Book 1), to young adults (ages 12-16 in Books 2-3) and as young adults on the brink of exciting adult lives in Book 4. They are superb read-aloud books for G3-7, Book 1 was recommended reading for 1st Year Univ. English Lit in all BC universities and colleges C2005. Educational, inspirational and entertaining.  G8/9+



Victoria Chronicles Series
Victoria Chronicles – trilogy of novels set in real history in and around Victoria and Seattle from 1900-1919 with approx. 70% real characters from the Pacific Northwest. These books are as close to fiction as novels can be. They are the first novels to be endorsed by the Victoria Archives. Books 1 and 2 are Canadian Bestsellers and Book 3 won an Independent Publisher (IPPY) Gold Medal in 2007.

Some historical events covered are the Canadian Gold Rushes, end of whaling industry on Pacific Coast, WW1, Prohibition on Pacific Coast and Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918-19. This series has absolutely NO swearing and is totally family friendly as mentioned above. Real historical events and characters.  G8/9+



Whispers Across TimeWhispers Across Time – another historical novel set in 1916 but with more frivolous content. Written to mainly entertain, there is still a great deal of real historical content. Oliver Ryan, is a lonely and bored journalist from Seattle, WA who works in 1916 Victoria, BC. One night he is mysteriously drawn to the Ross Bay Cemetery where he meets some of the resident spirits. He soon realizes they have had some fun with him turning him into a mortal angel. He is given a Guardian Angel and learns he can time-travel, do good deeds, and talk to ghosts from different periods of history. A wonderful (yet platonic) romance with a female teacher from present day, Everett WA, adds a modern setting with Oliver in unfamiliar territory discovering how the world has changed since 1916 (including TVs and remote controls).
Entertaining and historical.  G9+



Race cover 080501.psdRace for a Treasure – set in modern day, an English family search for historical information (at English and Spanish archives) which they hope will lead them to the Canadian west coast location of an early 18th century Spanish ship carrying gold treasure. This novel has become a favourite with male readers 12 and up. It contains more than enough adventure to keep any age turning the pages as this family encounters adventure and intrigue causing an International event as they travel from England to Spain, Portugal and finally Vancouver Island, BC searching for this ship as they are followed by agents of the Spanish Government.  G8+



Yesterdays-CoverTH_2010Yesterdays – a random selection of short stories suitable for G8 and up, including two historically correct (Victoria BC), ghost stories and many lessons for life. The second half of the book is the lively western “A Debt to Pay” set in the US Rockies. The main characters are a handsome young cowboy seeking revenge on the murderers of his parents but encountering many obstacles to his search, and a physically handicapped young woman who inherits an isolated family homestead and a whole host of problems.  G8+



Silent Destiny – Set in modern day, a Canadian English Professor learns she has inherited a Sottish Estate and must go to Scotland immediately. On arriving in Scotland she learns the details of her physical estate but also that she has inherited a 700-year-old mystery and all of Scotland is relying on her to solve it! Written to entertain, the historical content combines with “supposal” to create a page-turning novel loved by all ages.  G8+



 School Visits

* Joyce Sandilands, the author of the Moonbeam Series for K-3 classes, enjoys visiting this age group to share her stories.

* When her husband, bestselling novelist, J. Robert Whittle is available (see details below), they visit schools together. Mr. Whittle is a popular speaker with Middle and High School classes.

* Ms. Sandilands, having had 14 years of writing/editing/publishing experience also enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise on the joys, pitfalls and rewards of writing and self-publishing. She has spoken to all levels of school groups, service clubs and guested at private events.

* As Mr. Whittle’s schedule is currently very busy from Spring until October, his available time for school visits is limited to Jan/Feb/March.

* Fees do apply beginning at $75 for a local school visit dependent on the length of our visit, distance travelled, and ability to sell books at the venue.

*To discuss having the author(s) visit your school, contact us for more details or call Joyce direct at 250-477-0192 to discuss your needs.

* As we are self-published authors (and very proud of it), we can not take advantage of any Canada Council Grants, thus, we keep our fees as low as possible. We would be grateful for the ability to sell books during our visit.

If there is interest in purchasing our books in bulk, we would be very happy to discuss this with you, especially pertaining to the Victoria Chronicles Trilogy in Hardcover which is highly recommended for Canadian History classes studying early 20th century. We have an overstock of Hardcovers and would be happy to talk to you about a classroom order or for fundraising …  and, also the Lizzie Series which we have reduced for quick sale, due to having an overstock (we are retiring and moving to a smaller location). We believe both these series would make excellent fundraisers as these books are extremely popular in the Victoria area.