Stores that carry our Books

Since 1999, Robert and Joyce have sold their books very successfully on a 1-to-1 basis at summer markets, craft shows, Christmas shows and from their vans! Readers say they are both surprised and thrilled to meet these authors because it is highly usual to find authors selling their own books, especially on the street!

When you purchase direct from these authors, even via this website … all profits go to the authors.

We are very grateful to the bookstores in the Victoria BC Canada area which continue to carry some/all of our books. It can be a difficult decision for them when shelf space is such valuable real estate for much newer books.

Don’t forget, our books are also available as ebooks.

 Local customers are welcome to pick up a book order at our home/office in Gordon Head, Victoria BC by phoning us @ 250-477-0192. Our delivery fee is only $2-5 … a lot less than Canada Post!

Stores that carry our books (only in the Victoria, BC area):

Victoria, BC:

Bolen Books, Hillside Mall  250-595-4232  has our new novel, Silent Destiny or phone the authors at: 250-477-0192 for autographed copies of any of our novels.

Munro Books, 1108 Government Street (250) 382-2464 has our new novel, Silent Destiny or phone the authors at: 250-477-0192 for autographed copies of any of our novels.

Gala-Van Party Shop, #3 – 3958 Quadra Street (across from Lumberworld behind Comino Carpets) 250-383-5431 … they are part of our family via our OA Tara.
They always have a supply of all our novels as Tara’s family own the store!


The Authors:  Check Events Page or phone Joyce @ 250-477-0192.  We’re in Gordon Head and we’ll also deliver your personally autographed books for a very small fee.

West Shore (Colwood), BC:
Penelope’s Book Stop 250-391-9529 (on right just past the 6 Mile Pub on Colwood Strip).
They often have a supply of our books (new copies) and some used.

OR order autographed copies from the authors through this website (250-477-0192)

We are a traditional publisher with printed books stored in a warehouse so we always have access to all of our books. When purchasing from this website please note that ALL proceeds from the sale of products on this website go to the ‘authors.’ This enables us to continue this wonderful task we have with bringing readers of all ages access to our apparently very popular family-friendly books.

We appreciate your patronage more than words can express. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support over the past 16+ years. We can only hope that with your assistance, we will be able to continue for many more years to come.

Warmest regards,
Robert and Joyce