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Home schooling helps+ families

Ever since we began bringing our family friendly books to the public arena in 1998, adults interested in homeschooling have taken notice of us. Robert has met many executives of Canadian and US homeschooling organizations and they often purchase our books for personal use and ask us to bring our books to their area. They love our concept of real history set into an actual, touchable place where they can bring their children to learn more about that area and its history.

We have come to understand that homeschooling parents teach by doing … taking their kids to parks, special activities, other towns and countries. They love to explore new areas and new situations which helps their child’s awareness of the world and of each other as they adapt to the necessary subjects. They like to use every opportunity possible to teach their precious children something of importance to help them blossom in a world where learning is of the utmost importance. They realize only too well that for their child to be able to earn a good living in the future, he/she must have a vocation they enjoy and can be enormously proud of. These parents take their job seriously by educating the next generations.

We have actually been invited to several conventions and conferences across North America. It saddens us to have to refuse. We are a very small company and self-published authors don’t receive grants to help defray travel and conference expenses.

So, if you know or are a homeschooler who hasn’t discovered our historically correct, educational, heartwarming, family-friendly tales of another century in (the 3-book Victoria Chronicles is set in Canada/USA and Lizzie Series are set in London, England), please help them learn about us as we have learned about them. We appreciate it! Both Series are on sale NOW. Check the announcement/prices at the top of the Home Page and on our Shopping Cart.

Our books are also available in all ebook formats. If you can’t find them on your favourite ebook website, please go to Smashwords where you will find any format you need all for the price of one! (Revised: Jan /18)


Selling your Books to Schools and Libraries – Part 2

Using Skype to sell more Books

Still another great MARKETING TIP … this one from Barbara Terchel, author of Class Act: Sell More Books Through School and Library Author Appearances (see my last post Part 1).

It appears that I have been so busy on whatever I am busy with that I have missed some of the great ways technology is helping authors sell their books today.

Barbara was interviewed regarding how she uses Skype to talk to schools assisted by her special dog, Frankie. It has cut her costs and increased her availability to such an extent that she has used Skype over 300 times for this type of visit. She gives you a detailed step-by-step description of everything you need to do and know, including setting up your studio in your home/office.

Listen to this fabulous presentation for yourself  here  on Blog Talk Radio.

Some interesting and useful websites they discussed.