Silent Destiny: An ancient Scottish mystery/prophecy

Posted by on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 in eBooks, Joyce's Blog, Our Books

An ancient legend and a 700-year-old prophecy join to tell the story of William Wallace, his family and some missing relics, in our latest novel, Silent Destiny. Purchase your own copy here at our online STORE … there’s also an option to pay online and then pick up your copy from our office, if you live […]

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Books, eBooks and Links

Posted by on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 in eBooks, Self-Publishing

Here are some interesting book links I found recently. I haven’t checked them out thoroughly so make up your own mind on their value! New York Times – Jacketcopy Blog It has an interesting survey of ebook readers and Kobo was ahead of Kindle. Way to go Canada! _______________________________ BookGlutton – share your opinions with […]

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Yes, we’re on eBooks!

Posted by on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 in eBooks, Self-Publishing

This post has been copied from the Newsletter Page on our main website at HOT NEWS!!   EBOOKS … EBOOKS … yes, ALL OUR books are available as ebooks at Amazon/Kindle (USA, UK and Germany) and (includes Kindle but here they are DRM free). Also available at your favourite ebook store (Kobo, iPad […]

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