Laughing Through Life
Tales of a Yorkshireman

Self-narrated by author, J. Robert Whittle


 An autobiographical journey of the author’s fascinating life as told by J. Robert Whittle himself. Scores of fans have asked him to write his autobiography . . . but not wanting to relive some of his horrendous experiences while serving as the head of a First Response to Disaster Team in the coal mines of the UK and Europe, he declined. So, Joyce persuaded him to record some of the many stories he often told when family and friends got together!

This Yorkshire lad’s life was full even before he became a kid-entrepreneur at the age of six. That was about the time he began milking his dad’s cows and delivering the milk each morning before school. So becoming a bestselling and award-winning author was just another notch on his belt, but it was a surprise even to him. The laughter (in this title) came even more easily and besides, his mother claimed he was laughing from the second he was born!

Now you can hear about this intriguing 84-year-old’s life from his birth to becoming a young entrepreneur, professional cricketer and British mining engineer, eldest brother to nine siblings and a father, grandfather and great-grandfather many times over. In the mid-60s he moved his first family to Australia, leaving his dangerous job so far behind they couldn’t call him in an emergency. There is no doubt that move saved his life. In the late 60s, he finally immigrated to Canada where he worked in Winnipeg (broke his back while building The Mint) and Baffin Island (building a school mainly underground in the permafrost) before at last discovering Victoria, BC in 1971 where he met his second wife, Joyce Sandilands. We have been together in or near my hometown of Victoria, BC for over 30 years.

Robert warns you not to listen to this CD the first time while driving as you will be  seriously distracted. The price has been reduced from the original. Enjoy!

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List of Stories on this CD:

 1.   Introduction  (:37)                                           19.   Ducks and Kittens (1:33)
 2.   The Early Years  (5:32)                                  20.   Robert, the Math Teacher (1:38)
 3.  Granddad’s Lessons  (4:42)                            21.   A Love Affair (3:02)
 4.   Granddad, the Trickster (1:22)                       22.   The Dangerous Years (3:43)
 5.   A Visit with Grandma (3:57)                           23.   Escape to Australia  (3:29)
 6.   The Lazy Horse (1:18)                                   24.   Talking With Hands (:57)
 7.   Village Gravedigger  (:46)                              25.   Singapore Toilet (2:46)
 8.   WW2 Experiences (3:07)                               26.   Driving the Aussie Desert (1:20)
 9.   Terry’s Tooth (1:02)                                        27.   Kalgoorli Lady (2:42)
10.   Bobby’s One Minute Mile (:51)                     28.   Darwin Hurricane (3:20)
11.   The Bicycle (1:46)                                         29.   Winnipeg Grave Salesman (2:26)
12.   Boxing Rules (1:15)                                      30.   Memorable Plane Ride (3:11)
13.   Cutting Grass/Renting Cows (3:31)              31.   Snow Baby (1:29)
14.   The Loving Boar (2:11)                                 32.   A Special Gift (2:11)
15.   12-year-old Cricketer (2:53)                          33.   Eskimo Dance (1:20)
16.   The Boil (1:31)                                               34.   Winnipeg to Victoria (1:08)
17.   A Sister’s Hero (1:44)                                    35.   Robert, the Author (3:45)
18.   Chimney Mischief (:28)



Robert, I have listened repeatedly to your voice, taking me through your life from England to Victoria.  What a true pleasure it was to get to know you better through your CD.  Thanks so much for your humor…the best medicine for the soul! ~Paul Cowden, Kentucky