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Self-Publishing Tips for Authors (2012)

2013 BookStackHave you had a story running around in your head for years? Have friends or family told you that you should write a book? After 15 years of editing, publishing and co-writing 10 popular novels, 3 of them bestsellers, I feel I know a little something about producing books and decided to share. 

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Here’s a short video of me speaking at a local Self-Publishing Workshop in March 2012.


Enter Contests, it matters!

This was originally posted in August 2008, but the content is even more important now with thousands of new books being published every year and the list of contests is growing as well.

Back in June 2008, we had just won our 2nd IPPY Gold Medal in the Canada:West category of the Independent Publisher Contest and we were very excited. The book was our latest novel, Whispers Across Time plus my first co-authorship with my husband. In November we co-authored our 4th book. Whispers was such a fun (and complicated) book to write and edit but, nevertheless, fans were congratulating us even before the award. Once the announcements were made and the award arrived, boy, did it attract sales with that rather wonderfully huge, shiny gold medal sitting on the stand!! I gotta tell you, if you are a writer and self-publish your book, you just have to do the best job possible on it and enter it into this contest or any other one that fits your genre. Check the early-bird entry dates to save yourself some money! Trust me … an award does matter! Seven years has now passed and we’ve needed extra printings of both these books.  We’ve also recently sent our new novel, Silent Destiny, into the same contest to try our luck/expertise again. This time we’re in the Europe Category, Main Category and Ebook Category.

As usual with one of my husband, J. Robert Whittle’s novels, anything that sparks public interest will make them more popular. As with our other novels … there is a romance in this book, with no sex … it’s time travel but that’s our avenue to show you some more history. It’s also a ghost story although it’s not scary in the least! It’s also very suitable for teen readers and parents recommend it heartily! We have fantastic fans who are great with word-of-mouth … if only we could get them to write more reviews 🙂

Where Robert got this idea of writing a time-travel story, I believe it was based on my brief discussion with him of one of Diana Gabaldon’s books which I had read years before (when I had time for fun reading!). We had never seen a time-travel or ghost movie, and he had not read a book of that subject but somehow his amazing imagination brought us purely magical content … said his fans!

It just goes to show that when you’re a writer you shouldn’t put yourself into a box and not think you are incapable of something, you just never know. My husband says his books write themselves … and he just lets it happen with amazing results. When you start in later life, you need all the help you can get!

I am having so much fun co-writing with my husband and although we don’t do it together, we seem to have worked out the perfect methodology in our 10-year publishing/writing career. Can’t believe it will be ten years in December. So much has happened, so much has been achieved AND so much joy has been brought to people’s lives – we hear about it everyday. Somehow that makes all the effort worthwhile.

If you haven’t tried one of our books and are curious, check out our website links in the green list at right or here You won’t find them in your bookstore unless you live near Victoria, BC but we ship our books all over the world. Fans say our books make great gifts for any age and our books are so well made by our printer (Friesens) we never hear that they have fallen apart and, trust me, they are read and reread. They are totally family friendly and are used in schools and by homeschoolers.

Now, I’ve gotta get back to work, I have a book to finish for Christmas 🙂
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