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How to format eBook Images in ePub

Posted by on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 in Joyce's Blog, Self-Publishing

Ah, the joy of it! We were having endless problems formatting our kids chapter books into ePub format with Smashwords. Today it was solved thanks to the very detailed tips by Paul Salvette. We had gotten so frustrated we had given up, but today I did a search for the issue and found Paul’s website. […]

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Marketing Self-Published Novels

Posted by on Saturday, March 10th, 2012 in Joyce's Blog, Self-Publishing

This is a handout from a lecture I gave on March 10th, 2012, for 3Penny Publishing in Victoria, BC. Getting Down To Business for Writers Workshop Having your own business takes discipline, stamina, and a computer! For today’s purpose, I’m going to focus mainly on using the computer as the rest is pretty basic, easy […]

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