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One of Robert and Joyce’s favourite stories told to us by a woman’s daughter when they moved her (Mom) into a Care Home … “Mother told us not to buy her any more books. She had all the books she would ever need for the rest of her life … which were Robert’s three books in the Victoria Chronicles Series.  She must have read them 30 times! Before she passed on at 95, she was still reading them! Her 93-year-old sister quickly took them over … leaving this daughter to wait even longer for her turn!”

If you’ve ever visited Victoria BC in the summer, you may have met Robert at Bastion Square Market or Joyce at Sidney Market. Robert’s books have been around for 18 years now and after the first novel became a bestseller due to fan appeal … his style is often likened to that of Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens or Oscar Wilde. Readers have referred to our (wife Joyce is his editor, publisher and sometimes co-author) 11 novels (set in Canada, the USA’s Pacific Northwest, England, Spain, Portugal and Scotland) as  ‘best novels ever read,’ ‘refreshingly different,’ ‘family friendly,’  ‘read by the whole family’ and “they were going around the cruise ship when we last saw them!’

So many readers are now interested in history and these books are certainly that. You may not know us yet and you won’t find pages of reviews on our books on amazon BUT we are very grateful to the readers who do leave comments on certain popular websites (see next paragraph). Generally, however, our customers write to us personally or visit us at our market stands and craft fairs to give us their comments. Years ago, the authors collected reader’s thoughts in a book and you’ll find some of those comments listed on these pages: reviews and more reviews. Joyce often posts comments from emails on the authors’ Facebook Page

Our latest Book: Silent Destiny, is set mainly in 2006 Scotland with a tantalizing mystery involving William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace’s life in 14th century Scotland. The main character, Professor Emma Walters from Victoria, BC, has never heard of Wallace but she will soon find out that she is related to him … a fact that is about to radically change her life!  

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 Robert and Joyce’s Shaw TV Interview, Sept 2014
Many say their visit with Robert was the highlight is the most interesting person they met ay … watch this interview and you will want to meet him too! 

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*Whittlesque: a phrase Joyce coined for her husband’s brand of unusual and witty page-turning mix of family friendly romance and historically correct novels. 


 Robert and Joyce would like to thank the many Canadian, US and other media services in print, TV, and on the internet, who have continued to feature news items about us and our popular books over the past 18 years. You have been instrumental in spreading the word about our books and we are extremely grateful. A recent TV (YouTube too) interview is above on this page.