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One of Robert’s favourite stories … told to him at the market by a woman’s daughter when they moved her mom into a Care Home. “Mother told us not to buy her any more books. She said she had all the books she would ever need for the rest of her life … Robert’s “Victoria Chronicles Trilogy.  She must have read them 30 times and she was still reading before she passed on at 95 years! Her 93-year-old sister quickly took them over … leaving me to wait even longer for my turn!”

Books on SALE … In honour of J. Robert Whittle’s amazing life, help Joyce reduce their over- stock of the LIZZIE SERIES and VICTORIA CHRONICLES  HARDCOVERS. Support Robert’s favourite character … Lizzie is modeled after himself!! If you don’t have a copy of this very popular 4-book series or you’d like a spare copy or two (great for gifts for all ages), Joyce has marked these books down to BELOW HALF PRICE … just go to our Bookstore or ‘Shop Now‘ link on our Facebook Pages … they are both  or the LIZZIE SERIES is  $35 for all 4!!! (originally $19.95 each) and the VICTORIA CHRONICLES  HARDCOVERS is now $30 for all 3!! (originally $70 for the set). Locals can order through our website then opt to pick up in Central Saanich or we will deliver in Greater Victoria/Saanich Peninsula for $5. 

Yes, this is a GREAT DEAL … Robert would love that I’m doing this to make it easier for readers to discover his two popular series but HE would NEVER have sold them this cheap 😀 LOL
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Phone and Local Orders: Phone orders are welcome too. CALL 250-477-0192 or 250-857-0840. Again, if you live in or are visiting Victoria BC, purchases may be picked up from our office or personal delivery may be available in the Greater Victoria, West Shore, and Sidney areas for $5.

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Robert and Joyce’s Shaw TV Interview, Sept 2014


 Robert and Joyce would like to express their gratitude to the countless thousands who have purchased, read or simply encouraged us to continue writing and publishing books over the past 20 years. You are why we continued on well into our senior years. Thanks also to the many Canadian, US and other media services in print, TV, and on the internet, who have continued to feature news items about us and our popular books over the past 2 decades. You have all been instrumental in keeping us motivated and by spreading the word about our books. We are extremely grateful.